How to Postpone a Wedding

How to Postpone a Wedding

Having to postpone anything during this pandemic is devastating. It is hard to shift your mind-set that things will happen just not at this time. Having to replan a wedding is a blessing in disguise. My husband keeps saying “You get to plan two weddings! That is what every bride wants!” Actually, no! It is stressful and exciting all at the same time…especially because it is hard to say when we will be able to gather again. In the meantime, here are my tips to re-plan your big day. 

Have a wedding Plan B and… C

Talk with your fiance about the alternative ideas for a wedding. If you can still have your venue later on in the year, are you open to having it on a Friday or Sunday? Or if you have to cancel the venue, what other kinds of venues might be of interest? Go over the wedding budget and see if you can find a free space (like a park or the beach…when they open again) or someone’s backyard. You may be able to create the same type of essence at a new space. Remember the day is all about your love for one another-let that shine. 

Talk to your venue ASAP

From tip number 1, reach out to your venue to see what they are doing to handle the Covid-19 situation. This one may be a duh but it is crucial. They are most likely re-scheduling all of the March, April (and most likely May) weddings to later in the year. Confirm their refund policy if they force you to cancel. Be open to alternative days or next year. 

Talk with your wedding planner/day of coordinator-If you don’t have one now, get one. 

They know what’s up. They will also be your main communicator for you to check in with vendors or to come up with your Plan B & C. Having a planner helps take the stress off and they know how to shift the plans in a practical way. 

Read through all of your contracts and email your vendors. Pick your top 5 that you can’t live without. 

My planner suggested this to me: read through every contract and pick your top 4 vendors you’d love to still work with as they might not be available once you set a new date. Love your photographer but they are fully booked? Ask them to do a separate shoot (engagement photos around 2!) and ask what other photographers they would suggest. Remember we are all in this together. 

Go through your guest list: set up emails/messages accordingly.

If you haven’t already broken the news about postponement, now is the time. It is annoying to reach out to every single person who has RSVP’d (or haven’t…yet) I’d suggest to group them by bridal party, immediate family, in town folks, out of town peeps and send a general email or text message to those groups. You don’t need to tell them the Plan B or C, just let them know you will update them as soon as it is officially planned. You could send a “Save our new date” card too (digital or printed) if you already have the new date.  Communication is key!

Use this time to work on your relationship

We all have a little more time and time together. Some of the best advice I’ve heard is to never stop dating your husband (or fiance). Plan date nights (themes are fun: taco night, game night, movie marathon, etc) workout or walk together or  work on home projects.

Practice your own self care time

 You have more time for you and to connect with your bridal party for virtual wine/beer/cocktail chats. Sisterhood is so important during this time. Talk about alternate options for your bridal shower and bachelorette parties…more time to plan means more fun!


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