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#wcw You’ve seen the #wcw and thought what the heck does that mean? For those not social media savvy peeps it stands for Women Crush Wednesday. It it could be your mom, best friend, girlfriend,co worker, celebrity or overall woman you think rules the world and is in a simple definition at #badass. But what does this women, got that others don’t or aspire to be? She’s fierce, she has that fire to inspire kindness, create beauty, and make the world a better place. One Wednesday a month, I’m dedicating a #wcw post featuring  one of those fabulous ladies out there. If you have a woman who has her own buisness, is a mommyentruepenure, craft or talent and think they would be great addition to this series, shoot me an email.


Hey there, beautiful. Yeah, I’m talking to you! This month’s #wcw I’m talking to the co-founder of an amazing company, Hello Beautiful Health’s, Marisa Molina. I met Marisa a recent women’s networking group, Elite Networking (hosted by the fabulous Cindy Matalucci of ThePulseSD) Health and wellness are important for your mind, body and soul and it can often be hard to stay on a healthy track. Hello Beautiful Health’s purpose is to  encourage and empower women to eat intuitively (more on that below!) and take charge of your health. Marisa is a sweetheart with  a knack for helping women feel BEAUTIFUL inside and out!



Natalie Neece:Tell me about your background?

Marisa Molina: Let’s see where do I begin?! I grew up in Fresno, Central Valley, California and came to San Diego for college 14 years ago. I studied molecular biology at UCSD then went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Health. I managed an Obesity Prevention Research Study for the federal government. I designed a healthy lifestyle program for low-income welfare recipients that helped them improve their self-esteem and obtain jobs. And I volunteer as a Big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister program. Aside, from getting a glimpse of my LinkedIn profile, I’m a woman, like many others who grew up obsessed with being healthy, trying every “fat diet” that existed, hated my body even at my skinniest, and constantly battling the feeling of not being good enough. I dated that “bad guy”, was stuck in a job I didn’t like, and then was forever single. You get the picture, I’m was just like most other women out there and I did a lot of work to move past all of that and learned how to grow every experience and overcome every challenge with grace and ease. Now I’m paying it forward to every woman I come across, so they can pay it forward too.

NN: What is Hello Beautiful Health?

MM: Hello Beautiful Health is a business dedicated to empowering women; to step into their power, realize their true beauty and live their purpose. I think it is common these days to think that if you fix one area of life then you’ll be happy, so we do everything we can to fix that area, only to find out that now there’s something else to be fixed. When in reality, it’s shifting our mindset that allows us not only to be happy with what we have, but also to go after and create even more amazing things in our life. So Hello Beautiful Health takes an approach of bringing balance to the mind, body, and soul. So it’s a place for women to come be inspired, to get support, and to learn how to transform their mind, body, and spirit all at once.

NN: How can women get involved? Do you have workshops?

MM: The first and easiest place to get involved is to follow Hello Beautiful Health on social media, Instagram, Facebook and to join my newsletter list to hear about all of my upcoming events, workshops, etc. I have one-one-one coaching programs, group coaching programs, I do a lot of speaking to women’s groups, and I host amazing dinner parties!

NN: Tell me about your Divine dinners.

MM: The Divine Dinner Series is a monthly opportunity to bring women together in a beautiful environment, with like-minded women, and have fun while learning something totally new about their relationship with food, their body or themselves. I collaborate with a phenomenal female chef named Taylor Allen who has spent her career learning how to heal people with food. Everything she prepares is organic, pasture raised, free range, and of the highest possible quality and she makes everything from scratch! So not only is this meal delicious, it’s good for you too! Oh and did I mention we always have wine! 😉 We spend three hours in some of the most beautiful parts of Southern California and we sit at an incredible table and have a transformative conversation in an exciting and unique way so you walk away with a new perspective you’re excited to take into the world.  Every once in awhile I invite men too.  

NN: What is your favorite part of what you do?

MM: I love every part of what I do, but there’s nothing that brings me greater joy than watching my clients have a completely new view of their life, their body, and themselves. It’s inspiring, moving, and beautiful to see these women (and some men) accomplish things they’ve never done before, set the bar higher, and be happier than they could have ever imagined. It’s amazing and it’s the biggest reason I do what I do.

NN: Where do you find your inspiration to help others through health and wellness?

MM: Everywhere! Haha! I’m always reading, taking workshops, participating in seminars. I have my own coach. Every person is unique and has a different way of approaching life, of seeing things and need different tools. As I mentioned, before it’s about having the mind, body and soul in balance so we come at it from all angles until we have the perfect fit. This list may not be your typical health and wellness list, but I believe that the way we take care of ourselves and even illness is all rooted in our mindset, so I follow a lot of powerful women who have a different approach to health and wellbeing.  Here are a few I love to listen to and watch: Geneen Roth (I want to be her when I grow up, she bridges body and soul), Marianne Williamson, Louise Haye, Evelyn Tribole (the creator of Intuitive Eating), and Marie Forleo (she’s a mindset queen).

NN: What is the best eating habit you can advise?

MM: Wow! This is a tough one, so I’m going to roll two into one! The best way to eat is to eat mindfully and without judgement. So that means slow down, eat without any distractions (no TV, phone, computer), enjoy every bite, and pay attention to how hungry or full you are throughout your entire meal. Most importantly, eat without judging or analyzing what you’re eating and whether it’s healthy for you or not. Why is this important? Our bodies naturally tell us what to eat and how much to eat, typically we don’t pay attention or our mind overpowers listening to our body. When we eat with distractions, too fast, or while judging ourselves we’re more likely to over eat, say screw it and binge, or eat something we don’t only to be unsatisfied and eat more later!

xoxo, natoutandabout

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