#wcw: Dominique Lopez of Momentum Dance Co.

#wcw You’ve seen the #wcw and thought what the heck does that mean? For those not social media savvy peeps it stands for Women Crush Wednesday. It it could be your mom, best friend, girlfriend,co worker, celebrity or overall woman you think rules the world and is in a simple definition at #badass. But what does this woman, got that others don’t or aspire to be? She’s fierce, she has that fire to inspire kindness, create beauty, and make the world a better place. One Wednesday a month, I’m dedicating a #wcw post featuring  one of those fabulous ladies out there. If you have a woman who has her own business, is a mommyentruepenure, craft or talent and think they would be great addition to this series, shoot me an email.  xoxo, natoutandabout

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” Friedrich Nietzsche once said. Dancing is by far one of the best forms of exercise. It is one of the few forms of movement that connects your mind, body and soul. My #wcw this month is Dominique Lopez “Miss. D” owner and director of Momentum Dance Co. and the fabulous neo-Burlesque troop Violet Vixens. Dominique has been dancing since age 3 and has been teaching for over a decade. She has taught Mommy & Me, tumbling, pre- ballet, kids ballet and jazz, kids tap, kids lyrical/contemporary, kids dance camps, High School Musical Production camp, adult hip hop, adult jazz, and adult contemporary. She has also taught Competitive Jazz, Lyrical Broadway Jazz and Latin Jazz. She herself has studied jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, afro cuban, salsa, modern, belly dance, and Tahitian. “There is no greater satisfaction for me that seeing a young dancer’s transformation in self esteem and confidence through the discipline of dance. It is an absolute joy to watch my students grow and progress!” said Dominique. She packs 20 + years of dancing and teaching experience and her dedication for teaching kids of all ages and levels is unmatched. She pours her heart and soul into every class she teaches and every dancer she works with and she looks forward to working on your dancer’s transformation. For more information on classes check out Momentum Dance Co’s website or come in at 9235 Trade Place, San Diego.


Natalie Neece: What is your background in dance?

Dominique Lopez: ”My dancing career started at age three with pre- ballet classes. By grade school this had progressed to competing in talent shows and regional and National jazz and Hip Hop dance competitions with her dance studio. By Jr. High I became serious about ballet and studied very hard to participate in summer intensives with professional dance companies such as ABT, Atlanta Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet.

Throughout college, I continued to teach dance was part of Palomar College Ballet Ensemble and Mira Costa’s jazz Ensemble as well as performances with San Diego dance companies such as PARADE and modern performances in San Diego Such as Trolley Dances. I took a brief break from teaching her students in the U.S when I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Paris for a semester in 2009. I then studied modern and ballet at Centre de Danse du Marais and then again for a three month stay in Toulouse south of France in 2011, where I studied dance at L’ Atlier Centre de Danse. Throughout my teaching career she has taught on international tours in France, Greece, Spain,and even Africa.

In October 2014, I opened my studio Momentum Dance Co. founded with the intention of bringing affordable, friendly, stress free dance education to San Diegans and helping to bring joy and good health to all. Momentum Dance Company cares greatly for the community and frequently holds fundraisers supporting local, national, and international charities. We offer free community classes, and award scholarships to deserving families. Because every child and adult deserves the opportunity to learn to dance and financial hardships should not hold them back! Every Dancer regardless of age, ability, or financial status is welcome as a member of our family with open arms at Momentum Dance Company and will receive our full attention and dedication while gaining a premium dance education.

NN: What are the benefits of dance?

DL: The benefits of dance are vast and range from staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, boost self esteem & confidence. A good way to make friends; dance is great for body, mind, and soul.

NN: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

DL: BALLET! Hands down my favorite style of dance. I love the way my mind and body feel after a good Ballet class. This is why I enjoy teaching Ballet and Barre classes as well as incorporating Ballet technique into my other classes when I can. Ballet is the foundation of all modern dance styles and every dancer can benefit from a weekly dose of Ballet.

NN: Tell me about your studio Momentum Dance Co. and dance team The Violet Vixens

DL: I opened Momentum Dance Company to be a safe space for anyone to learn to dance.  (Specifically catering to women & children) You don’t have to be a professional dancer to take a class. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn to dance and enjoy themselves in the process. It’s about the community of non judgmental, non competitive, people learning and growing together through dance. Violet Vixens Burlesque( a neo- Burlesque performance troupe)  fuses elements from classic Burlesque such as the art of flirtation, tease, and theatrical entertainment with Jazz, Ballet, contemporary, Latin, Hip Hop, and even exotic dance styles such as Bellydance and Bollywood! Violet Vixens exude femininity and sensuality through their dance but always leave the crowd wanting more. Our style of Neo- Burlesque is all about the tease. We defined Burlesque as a fun and flirty performance style. We are a professional dance troupe that performs for private parties, clubs, fashion shows and events.

NN: What makes you thankful for dance?

DL: I’m thankful for dance studio because I love sharing my passion for dance with people and making lasting friendships through the process. 





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