Travel: Make sure to wear flowers in your hair… A San Fransisco Guide

Travel: Make sure to wear flowers in your hair… A San Fransisco Guide

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

The coolest thing Mark Twain never said.

This last May was a month of great celebration. My best friend Molly and I had been friends for 15 years. She turned 25. I graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Communications. We had lots to celebrate about. So with that, we embarked to the beautiful city of San Francisco. With only 2 days to spare, this is what we checked off of our list.



Day 1: We first made it to Haight-Ashbury (we didn’t wear flowers in our hair just floppy hats) and did some thrift store shopping with traces of the 1960’s still lingering about; hippie central for sure. Cute and affordable finds for whatever clothing style you prefer.

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Second stop was the fresh and green sites of Golden Gate Park. Although there are several attractions and museums within the park, we ventured from statue to landmark you could find. And may or may have not frolicked  in the open spaces and climbed around in the woods. You could spend the entire day here mesmerized by this gorgeous park and views of the Golden Gate bridge.

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By far one of the best Italian restaurants I had ever been too, Trattoria Contadina Look at the pictures. Getting so hungry right now. Go.


Three strikes and you’re out! Since we were there, we saw last year’s world series champions the Giants! SF beat the opposing team and we warmed up with whisky gingers.

No pictures to be found but we ended the night in the Castro District. Good people, good vibes, strong drinks and rainbows.


Day 2:  Fisherman’s Wharf aka Sea food galore. We devoured classic clam chowder soup in sough dough bread bowls at the wharf before exploring Alcatraz. If you enjoy history or not Alcatraz Island is a must see. Don’t get in trouble, they may lock you up. But do take lots of pictures and warning it may be super windy so good luck getting that perfect shot of the city skyline.

If you’re a chocoholic like me, go the Ghirardelli Square. If it’s a hot day get a Hot Fudge Sunday and if its breezy their hot coco is pretty darn good.

It was Friday, so we went out of course to Ruby Skye, an old theater converted into a club. Smooth beats and groovy atmosphere.

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