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As avid traveler, I love looking at maps and pictures for my next travel destination #seriouscaseofwandelust

San Diego’s newest art venture, Modern Map Art. Jennifer and her team sketch out maps and print them out as posters and on pillows, phone cases and more! I spoke with Jennifer of Modern Map Art about her map inspiration.

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San Diego phone case from Modern Map Art

Natalie Neece: What inspired you create Modern Map Art?

Jennifer: I’ve always loved maps since I was little, and I have a passion for traveling the world.  I love looking at the different city sprawls and features that are unique to each city.

NN: What do you love most about art? What do you love most about travel?

J: I love that art can take you back to a particular place or time, and provides a lot of wonderful nostalgia.  In terms of travel, I love that feeling of getting lost in a new city, meeting new people, and experiencing something totally different than my home.

NN: What is your favorite map you have drawn?

J: I would say Pittsburgh…I love the confluence of the rivers.

NN: What other products do you have other than prints?

J: We’re starting to get into more canvas prints, t-shirts, phone cases, and more!

NN: Where can one purchase? Are the maps on display anywhere?

J: They’re not on display anywhere, but you can get them at

New York City phone case by Modern Map Art

Amsterdam print by Modern Map Art

Las Vegas pillow Map by Modern Map Art


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