#WCW Something to Brew About: Brandesso’s Ashley Graham

#WCW You’ve seen the #WCW and thought what the heck does that mean? For those non-social media savvy peeps, it stands for Women Crush Wednesday. It it could be your mom, best friend, girlfriend,co-worker, celebrity or overall woman you think rules the world. She is simply the definition of a #badass. But what does this woman have  that others don’t or aspire to be? She’s fierce, she has that fire to inspire kindness, create beauty, and makes the world a better place. One Wednesday a month, I’m dedicating a #wcw post featuring  one of those fabulous ladies out there. If you have a woman who has her own business, is a mommyentruepenure, craft or talent and think they would be great addition to this series, shoot me an email. xoxo natoutandabout

July’s #WCW is the boss babe and creator of the successful lifestyle and beauty blog Love & Mimosas, Ashley Graham. We had a coffee date and chatted about her latest entrepreneurial endeavor Brandesso. Brandesso is  a new  brand consulting and digital marketing company in San Diego, CA.  Her creative eye and passion inspire me to work harder on my own creativity. Read my interview with the lovely Ashley Graham.


Natalie Neece: What inspired you to create Brandesso and what is Brandesso?

Ashley Graham: For starters, I have always considered myself an entrepreneur. Back in 2014, I created a lifestyle blog as a hobby that turned into a bigger undertaking than I could have ever imagined. As a creative, my mind is constantly flooded with ideas on writing & content, design and photography, that I needed to find an outlet immediately to combine them all, in fear that I would one day lose them and/or regret never acting upon them. As the blog has existed for the last 2 years, I have delegated my time between working full time between both the blog and my actual full time job as a Marketing Director. What I soon realized was that there was still a disconnect in my life. I felt my skill-set and expertise strengthen within my career and soon I realized it was time to utilize them for something much bigger. If you plant a seed, you can’t expect it to grow with little room and water, and I was ready to bloom. As an entrepreneur (and a stubborn one at that), I have always had a difficult time working for the “man”. It is by this stubbornness, that I have always been motivated to look further ahead than what is directly in front of me. I suppose each person comes to that crossroad in their life to either go right to the unknown, or go left because it is familiar. As I appreciate a good challenge, I always find myself going right.

That is where the idea of Brandesso evolved.

Brandesso is predicted to be the new, fresh and upcoming brand consulting and digital marketing company in San Diego, CA. My mission for Brandesso is to offer clients the opportunity to enrich their brand with the fullest, most whole ingredients to energize the growth of their business. I have quite the obsession for coffee, so imagine my surprise when the name Brandesso popped into my head… Branding + Espresso = Brandesso! It was genius!

As for the services, this is what we “Brew”:


  • Brand & Business Naming
  • Brand Research & Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Management


  • Content Development & Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Email & Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Advertising & Campaigns
  • Web Design & Development


  • Travel & Booking
  • Scheduling & Calendar Management
  • Database Entry & Administration
  • Project Management
  • Email Management
  • Client Care & Support

I am still in the beginning stages. I hope to have the website and at least 5-10 portfolio pieces and clients to showcase by the end of the year. It is going to be a slow journey, but overall, I feel it will be very rewarding. If you are interested in any of the above, you can contact me at ashley@loveandmimosas.com

NN: Along with Brandesso, you have a successful blog, Love & Mimosas. What has been your inspiration for a lifestyle blog?

AG: My inspiration for Love and Mimosas stemmed from many different aspects of my life. I explained briefly above that my main inspiration for the blog was to create an outlet for all of my combined interests. The beauty of having a lifestyle blog is you don’t particularly need to focus on one niche. I focus on my love for beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle topics and I phrase my communications and descriptions around champagne and mimosas to keep it fun and fresh. My voice through the writing is very bubbly and I hope that my readers can grasp that.

What I appreciate most and what continually inspires me about my decision to start a blog, is it has provided me with the foundation to use and transfer to my new found journey with Brandesso. No one really understands how difficult it is to gain readership, a social media following, and any type of traffic to become a self-sustaining website, and I have hit and overcome challenges with each of them. Even though I don’t earn much revenue, I treat my blog as my business, and most importantly, my personal brand.

NN: What is your number one marketing tip?

AG: I would have to say that my number one marketing tip is to not overthink your strategy. Marketing, in my opinion, should be simple, unique and needs to relate to the person who is creating it. Plus, not overthinking will save you from countless headaches and frustration!

NN: As a young entrepreneur, what do you advise to other young professionals?

AG: Don’t stress about timing or seeing results immediately! I have difficulties taking my own advice but what I have learned (especially with the blog) is patience truly is a virtue. If you start a project or business, you wouldn’t want to put in hours of work and dedication, to only have it run for a few months, right? Take whatever it is you want to focus on one step at a time, and things will fall into place when they are suppose to be. Optimism is key!

Be consistent with your work, word and the motivation to grow. Don’t promise work you can’t deliver and always push to make deadlines. Don’t settle for something just because it works. Continue to look for new trends and methods to what you specialize in. Keep your work fresh and up-to-date, and you will flourish!



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