Uq Consultancy Agreement

Scholarship agreements are generally concluded with public aid agencies and overseas ministries. Before submitting a scholarship proposal to the UQ Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship, this work must fall within the definition of Academic Consultancy. Since the amount is above the USD 1,000 threshold, this work must be done through the university as a board and all policy principles should apply to this work (advisory procedure 2.0). Professional security guards are not allowed to keep excess advice in consulting accounts. All consulting revenue generated by professional staff is billed by the university and withheld from the resources of the organizational unit. Professional staff who provide important advice to the university may be eligible in accordance with the provisions of the UQ Enterprise Agreement and in any other applicable UQ policy or procedure. If you are unsure of how you identify advisory, secondary and/or internal tasks, You can use: This directive includes agreements that establish, document and support collaborative relationships and activities with international partners (governments, institutions and companies) and include bachelor,graduate and higher education programs for students and staff mobility programs, route-linking programs, sponsorship and scholarship agreements, and agreements that support general academic and scientific cooperation with international partners (e.g.B. International Cooperation Agreements, Memorandums, Agreements, etc.). Preparing the budget and identifying all expenses related to the consulting activity; This procedure aims to support sustainable research and consulting activities at the University of Queensland (UQ or the University) through adequate and transparent pricing of research contracts, as well as by recovering the consequent internal distribution of costs generated by carrying out a research or consulting project. Articulation issue address checklist (see forms) to identify program specifications on the credit granted, including notification if the UQ study is to be verified during the agreement. I was approached by XYZ Trading to do a little consulting work for them.

I`m going to do the work myself as a CI (Academic Level E), it`s worth 40 hours of my time. Internal services provided by a university staff member as part of another collaborator`s research project.