Travel Diaries: The Algarve, Portugal

If you get the opportunity to venture down to the Algarve in Portugal please do. The community of people, art and culture is just wonderful and the location has some of the most stunning beaches you will ever see. On my recent trip overseas, Chris and I had the pleasure to stay with my friend Tomas and his charming family in the town of Albufeira. I had been to the Algarve before when I studied abroad and could not wait to go back.

The Algarve is one of the most multicultural places in Portugal it is highly influenced by Muslim culture from the past and was the last region to be conquered. The Algarve is all about the fish in the coast and chicken in the countryside. We very much enjoyed their most famous and national dish Chicken Piri-piri.

The Algarve is most known for their beaches, separated in two coasts (East and West) – Sotavento and Barlavento. It is easy to understand their popularity with perfect Mediterranean weather. Similar to San Diego, each beach town has its own unique charm. Albufeira is the central point in the Algarve and the West coast is Barlavento. Barlavento has rocky beaches and Sotavento has the sandy ones. You get both in Albufeira because it is exactly in the central. Below are some of  my favorite beaches we ventured too.

xoxo, natoutandabout // photo credit: Tomas Cavaco


Southwest Alento-

Costa Vicentina-Sagres

Ponta Da Piedade


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