Mystical Agreement

The Fidelius charm functions as a contract between magicians with a deal/promise to become someone`s secret keeper as Dumbledore was for Grimmauld Place until his death, and Peter Pettigrew was for the Potters. Changelings, which are part of a season court, have an affinity for two other contracts related to their season: fleeting contracts deal with the manipulation of the court`s dominant emotion, while “eternal” contracts cause physical manifestations of the season itself. Because of the mystical bond accorded by a court coat, the most advanced clauses of these contracts can only be learned by changelings with a solid coat for the corresponding court. Less powerful clauses may be taught to other changelings, but such guardianship is generally given only to those who have proved their friendship in the Court. Treaties are ancient agreements between the True Fae and the living incarnations of the natural world; As with most of these magics (such as the mask), these bargains extend to all creatures touched by fairies and can therefore be learned and used by The Changelings. Petunia Dursley sealed a binding contract by taking baby Harry home after Lily`s death (PS1). She agreed to give him a “room” with her family until, at 17, he was filled to be protected by the “blood attachment” they shared as members of his family. When Dudley was attacked by a dementer and Vernon wanted to send Harry back, Dumbledore sent a roar to Petunia, who exclaimed, “Remember my last, Petunia,” and reminded him of the original letter he had left with Harry and his promise to protect him (OP2). And she paid tribute to the agreement by telling Vernon that Harry should stay with them. Another type of “contract” that could be overlooked in the books is the agreement that Sirius Black made as Harry`s godfather. During the baptism ceremony, a godfather stands up and agrees to care for a child in the absence of his or her parents.

But our research took another turn when we studied how the legacy is played in the real world. We discovered something quite interesting, and that is that mystical guardian bridges were quite rare in Legacy tournaments that didn`t have tons of money on the line. At Grand Prix and other cash tournaments, people were happy to blow up their mystical tutors. However, from the comfort of their stores, they seemed to prefer to do other things that were more fun, but perhaps less powerful. It seemed to me to be a kind of gentleman`s agreement; Everyone knew which bridges were sick, but they decided not to play them.