Joint Operation Agreement Adalah

Oil and gas operators who have a joint mission to explore, develop and operate leased land located in zones or in more than one area must use a joint venture agreement as the underlying contractual framework for their joint venture. The parties in the OJA can be classified approximately as follows: Seperti diketahui, Joint Operation tidak termasuk Subjek Pajak PPh maka penghasilan yang diterima suatu JO sebenarnya adalah penghasilan para anggota JO yang besarnya bagian masing-masing ditentukan sesuai perjanjian. A joint operating agreement, abbreviated JOA, is an agreement between two or more operators, under which they collaborate to share their resources and know-how to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons from several rental lands. It is one of the largest and most widely used agreements in the oil and gas industry. The joint-operating agreement is a joint venture (JV) between different operators who sign this agreement. Operators share the profits as agreed in the JOA. Joint enterprise agreements allow resources to be pooled and risk to be shared. They also guide how the joint operation pays out revenues and profits. In the highly expensive and complex world of oil and gas exploration and production, a treaty is a crucial element in protecting all parties involved. However, each party must perform due diligence on each contract in order to protect its own interests. Two or more oil and gas operators can take an JOA to share the risk and cost of oil and gas exploration.

One party is held responsible for the day-to-day operation, with costs often drawn from other JOA participants in the statement.