Don’t be Cheesy: Grater Grilled Cheese

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I was recently listening to the radio, and the radio DJ announced a silly Would-You-Rather question: Would you rather only have chocolate or cheese the rest of your life? The obvious choice would be the later-cheese! If you know me, I am a lover of cheese. Growing up, my mom Judy (whose part Italian) is a fabulous cook and her cooking motto is “You can never have enough cheese!”

That statement couldn’t ring more true for the local grilled cheese masters of Grater Grilled Cheese. With 3 locations in Mission Valley, La Jolla and Del Mar you can get your grilled cheese, mac and cheese and pom frites fix with authentic and gosh-darn delicious recipes.

Grater Grilled Cheese all began with a food truck where Chef Gaston Corbala whipped up oogy googy gourmet grilled cheeses for 6 years. With the popularity of food truck and catering, they expanded to the first location in Mission Valley and quickly opened two more stores in La Jolla, Del Mar and later this year in Orange County.

Their passion is Making the World a Grater place, one grilled cheese at a time. And they sure do! Every sandwich is handcrafted to perfection and will satisfy your taste buds with a variety of flavors. Here’s my recommendations and tips for devouring Grater Grilled Cheese.

What makes a Great Grilled Cheese?

First, the bread. The bread used is baked daily from Bread & Cie, sourdough bread that is custom made for Grater Grilled Cheese. Second, the butter. The quantity of butter on each side of the cooking process is timed by each side correctly. Third, the special blend of 5 cheeses. Talk about #nom.

What is the Greatest Grilled Cheese?

I had their best selling and there is a reason why it is because it is straight up phenomenal! The best is their Lobster Grilled Cheese. It’s the Basic 5 Grilled Cheese with chunks of Butter Fried Lobster, Crab and amazing Chipotle sauce (which is also their most popular sauce…back to that in a minute.) You honestly can’t go wrong with what you order. Whether you are in the mood for meat or are a vegetarian, there are endless savory options. My other favorite is the B.A.T Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Apple Wood Bacon, Arugula, Tomato with Pesto Aioli. I also ordered togo for my vegetarian grandmother the Caprese Grilled Cheese, with Tomato, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Glaze and the Pesto Aioli. She was super impressed.  

The world famous Lobster Grilled Cheese

The B.A.T Grilled Cheese

Okay back to the sauces….

Sauces can make or break a sandwich and their sauces are for the win. For a side, I recommend ordering the scrumptious Pomme Frites tossed in Truffle Oil, Parm Cheese and Parsley. My favorite spreads I dipped my fries in were the Chipotle, Roasted Garlic and Pesto.

Not feeling the Grilled Cheese?….

Grater Grilled Cheese offers a variety of cheese inspired snacks that will tickle your fancy. They have Mac N Cheese like the Lobster Mac and the 5 Cheese Mac. They also have salads and a few soups/bisques to choose from. And as mentioned before, their Pomme Frites make a great side to share.

Need more than one?…

Grater Grilled Cheese now offers catering! You can now have lunch catered to your office or all events such as birthday parties, festivals and even weddings! For more information, call them directly to place an order or order online at!



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