Contractor Subcontractor Agreement Sample

Customer contact. During the performance of the subcontractor`s duties, the subcontractor may have direct communication with the customer, limited only to the communications necessary to influence the provision of services and/or delivery items. The subcontractor does not have third-party hardware, including open source or freeware, include in deliverables, unless the subcontractor clearly identifies the specific elements of the delivery element that contain third-party items in the applicable order of mission, (ii) subcontractors identify the corresponding third-party licenses and all restrictions on their use in the applicable mission order, and (ii) the authorization is proven by Prime as a signed mission (or other written and comprehensive agreement). The subcontractor ensures, guarantees and commits that the subcontractor complies with all third-party licenses (including all open source licenses) related to software components contained in the delivery components or other materials provided by the subcontractor. The subcontractor frees Prime from any loss and liability suffered by Prime and each customer due to the subcontractor`s inability to meet any of the requirements of one of the third-party licenses. “services,” any work performed by subcontractors in accordance with this agreement, in accordance with the mission order, as well as equipment used by subcontractors in carrying out their mission obligations. If the independent contractor already has a subcontractor in mind, he or she can skip this step. The confidentiality agreement is a section that defines the information that the contractor and/or subcontractor must treat confidentially. If the details of the project are not something that cannot be disclosed or discussed, it should be included in the model for subcontractors. In this regard, the contractor must verify the control agreement to ensure that there is no conflict between the exchange of information with the subcontractor. The confidentiality agreement must define all the conditions of confidentiality, but not in contradiction with them, already mentioned in the contract with the tenant. When confidentiality rules are violated in one way or another, this section of the subcontractor`s form defines the consequences of the offence. Prime has the right at any time to pay Prime the sums that the subcontractor owes at a premium, now or at a later date, as part of a mission mandate or by other means, in exchange for sums that may then be payable or payable to subcontractors under this contract.

Giving training – a subcontractor will be a fully trained professional, able to do the job or the job.