Cissp Exam Agreement

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) examination is conducted through computerized testing (CBT) at local Pearson VUE test centres around the world. To register for the exam, go to site (ISC) 2 and click on the “Save” link or go directly to the Pearson VUE website. The waiting guarantee allows for a free repetition of courses when life is in the way. If you don`t feel ready to take the exam or don`t take your exam, you can retake the course. Good news for candidates for the cissp exam. The CISSP exam schedule is available online. It offers candidates the opportunity to perform basic computer computer exams (CBT) at local test centres around the world. Now, candidates can register and take the exam on the same day (subject to seat availability), saving as much time for the test page as money. All registration tests (ISC) 2 are available via CBT at all Pearson VUE test centresĀ® approved worldwide.

After September 1, 2012, all registration exams (ISC) 2 will be offered only by CBT, with the exception of a very limited number of isolated areas. August 24, 2012 is the last day that candidates for regularly scheduled PBT tests (Paper Based Testing) can register until August 31, 2012. This transition offers many benefits for candidates, members and the information security community, including: The Diagnostic Test is a practical 100-question online test with multiple selection that helps you discover what you already know and where to focus your efforts to function well on the 8 areas of the CISSP exam. We use the results of your diagnostic exam to provide you with a personalized and effective curriculum for the duration of the course. In addition to the exam questions, we also add a short survey to learn more about you and how you study. Please note that the sessions are defined as the appearance of an online online online training session, the use of online resources, including diagnosis or pro-partner examinations. The current U.S. examination fee is $599. You can cancel or reschedule your exam by contacting ONLINE VUE at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam or at least 48 hours in advance. The reprogramming fee is $50.

The cancellation fee for your exam date is $100. You will receive registration information for the LMS and your diagnostic exam the week before the course begins. Get familiar with the Non-Disclosure Agreement (ESC) 2 before you go to the test centre. You must agree to the terms of the agreement before you can begin the review. You have five minutes to read and accept the agreement at the beginning of your exam, but why not read the NOA in advance so you can avoid pressure and distraction on the day of the exam and simply accept the agreement. If you do not accept the NDA within five minutes, your exam will end and you lose your exam fee! Disclosure of this review (“review”) and all questions, answers, fact sheets, diagrams, examples, drawings, length and/or number of examination sections and/or any communication, including one party`s oral communications regarding the examination, the identity of other participants (together and all derivatives called “exam documents”) is subject to the terms of this appendix.