Ausgrid Authorisation Agreement

Take the following steps to apply for or maintain ASP/1 business authorization. If you have any questions, please contact or call 1300 208 498. For full approval, you must provide the following documents: Before the expiry of the authorization period, an ASP/1 company must put online the following documents in the Ausgrid ASP certification management system: To ensure that companies consider their requirements and responsibilities to work on or near the Ausgrid network as authorized ASP/2, Ausgrid needs new ASP/2 companies to participate in a first meeting with Ausgrid as part of the initial authorization procedure. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the company with information to safely work on or near the Ausgrid network, Ausgrid procedures and processes relevant to their work and to enable it to ask questions about authorization and compliance. In order to maintain the authorization, the company ASP/1 must provide: this meeting aims to provide the company with information to work safely on or near the Ausgrid network, procedures and processes of ausgrid relevant to its work and to allow it to ask what they have on the authorization and compliance of the SSP. Any ASP/1 company that has recent accreditation with the Planning, Industry and Environment Department and must perform work punishable by compensatory measures in the Network Area of Ausgrid can apply for authorisation. The company`s approval requires asP/2 to register in the ASP authorization management system and provide all necessary documents for the approval of the ASP/2 company. Anyone who must work on or near the Ausgrid power grid must meet the training requirements covered by this authorization. This authorization sets the minimum requirements for all other authorizations, with the exception of Level 3 (ASP/3) for accredited service providers. ASP/1 companies must insure the currency of their file in the DSP authorization management system in order to maintain the approval of the ASP/1 company. In order to maintain an ASP/1 certification, all required training and skills required for this authorization must be up-to-date.

If training or competency requires refresher training, proof must be provided before the expiry. If mandatory training or competency is completed, the ASP/1 individual authorization is not compliant and the individual cannot work on questionable Level 1 projects in the Ausgrid network until the training or competency is updated and the evidence is verified in the ASP authorization management system. For more information on licensing requirements, please see the following information. The recording steps are also displayed when recording. There are two levels of authorization to use and/or withdraw skimming facilities: individual authorization requires the individual to have the following documents and all supporting documents by e-mail to ensure that companies understand their requirements and responsibilities when working or approaching the Ausgrid network as an authorized PSP/1, authorized new ASP/1 companies will be required to participate in a first meeting with Ausgrid as part of the first authorisation procedure. For questions, please contact For more information on Ausgrid authorizations on or by phone at 1300 208 498.