Phone Use Agreement With Child

Most Tweens will be eager to blindly sign the smartphone contract so they can get their hands on the price, but they won`t understand it. Older teens not only think they are smarter than their parents, but also, while the ink is still wet on the signatures, they will calculate the flaws. I know it seems difficult to do, but delaying the smartphone is much easier than a contract or removing it later. A general rule is to allow the phone if the teen really has a real reason to use it, which doesn`t just involve following the rhythm of friends they see every day at school. In-person friendliness is much better for their brain development and does not run the risk of addiction. If the phone is used as a tool to support a need for maturity (for example. B a job), your teen will be more balanced with his use. Never have a phone just because “everyone has one.” Seeing Can survive your teen and thrive without smartphone. Last but not least, it is important to consolidate the consequences in advance. This way, your children will know what happens if they break the rules. Make the rules as specific as possible and adjust the consequences according to the article. For example, the consequence of sharing inappropriate content may be different from a phone at the dining table.

Dr. Michael Rubino, a San Francisco Bay-area psychotherapist who has worked with teens for more than 19 years, recommends that teens have a mobile phone (without a camera) and not a smartphone.7 “There`s no reason why a teenager really needs a smartphone. They do not look after a family or run a business. Therefore, a simple mobile phone should be tailored to their needs,” Rubino writes. Amanda Morin worked for 10 years as a class teacher and early intervention specialist. She is the author of the Guide to Special Education for All Parents. Two of his children have learning differences. The phone contract sample below can start you and your child. Use the contract as it is or treat it according to your own rules and consequences. Check the contract regularly when circumstances and challenges may change.

Before we dive in, let`s start with the obvious: if we allow our children to use a technical tool dangerous enough to require them to sign a written contract, a huge red flag for parents should flee. What do we think? Today`s smartphone culture is making our teens more stressed and anxious than ever1 and a contract won`t help relieve stress. Download graphic organizers to help your child solve a task and visually track thoughts. The choice of telephone rules proposed by loving parents, who are sufficiently concerned with setting healthy limits and limits, will be much better than negotiating a contract. Jensen invites parents to be responsible for their teen`s virtual worlds (Internet and SMS): “Perhaps the most important thing is to set limits on everything. This is what their exuberant brains can`t do for themselves. 6 Safe use of technology is not second nature – it must be taught. As a parent, the question is when to ask your child for a phone, too much screen time and online harassment. To address these concerns, it is important to set limits and teach the safe use of technology. One way to do this is by creating a contract or contract for the family media. Many children enjoy playing video games, but too much screen time and access to violence can lead to developmental problems.