Eats & Drinks: The Tasting Room Del Mar

Where does the surf meet the turf? You guessed it DEL MAR. Del Mar is cool as ever.  Even though the summer fun ends this Labor day weekend, the track will re-open November 11th.

This month’s eat & drink date inspiration is at the track and the Tasting Room Del Mar. We first headed to the Clubhouse and enjoyed some Lunetta Prosecco. I kept my racetrack look classic with a black and white patterned dress from Forever 21 and  floppy black hat from H & M. We didn’t win big but enjoyed the end of summer sun.







By far one of my favorite things to do is eat and drink. Not just devour something good and wash it down with a beverage but actually taste the complex ingredients and have it washed down with something equally as tasteful. I found just that at Del Mar’s newest attraction, Tasting Room Del Mar. Created by father and son duo David & Evan Taylor, the Tasting Room Del Mar brings bold flavors and farm-to-table plates paired with refreshing wines and beers.

At the Tasting Room Del Mar you have two choices: choose your own glass of wine or beer  and a small plate or try their “Surrender Series”, where the chef picks three small plates and pair it with your choice of beer and wine. I had a glass of the Nelle Syrah from Cordant Winery with the Lamb Caramelle; handmade pasta, goat cheese soubise, asparagus & cheery bomb. Perfect bite of the syrah complemented the lamb.






I also had the pleasure of speaking with proprietor and Director of Sales, Evan Taylor

Evan Taylor: What is the concept of the Tasting Room Del Mar?

Natalie Neece: The concept for Tasting Room Del Mar is to combine Boutique family-owned wine, craft beer, and locally sourced farm-to-table food with an emphasis on sustainability and education. To create a unique atmosphere where and wine can be paired and shared on the same table

ET: What is unique to the The Tasting Room Del Mar?

NN: Tasting Room Del Mar is unique because we offer beer and wine of the same caliber on both sides, both are exceptional and neither one is an afterthought. We always strive to have the best products, and include local sourcing with our farm to table food. Our cooking style is modern, and Artful. Our Chef Steven believes that our cooking style is ahead of its time in San Diego.

NN: What is your favorite part of the The Tasting Room Del Mar?

ET: My favorite part of The Tasting Room is the patio. I love the location, the beautiful modern, industrial design and the ocean views and of course people watching in the heart of Del Mar

NN: What can San Diegan’s expect of Tasting Room Del Mar?

ET: San Diego can always expect a rotating selection of our three pillars, beer wine and Food. They can always expect an educated staff and the freshest most thoughtful local food



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